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Are you up to your eyes generating leads and
looking to grow your business?

Who isn’t sez you! Well video can help with that. And as they say ‘don’t just take our word for it!’ A marketing (morkeshing? – whichever you prefer) crowd in England has actually done some research on the subject showing:

72% of businesses who use video believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website.

More importantly the study showed 64% of businesses who use video believe that it has directly led to increased sales! (Read it yourself here!)

Ballywire was established in 2007 with the aim of helping to tell stories through video.
We’re journalists and have been fortunate to work on some incredible projects in that timeframe.

Testimonial section

As senior Brand Manager in Mondelez, I have had the pleasure of working with Ballywire over the years. Ballywire proved themselves to be an extremely capable, highly adaptable and very trustworthy business partner who helped the Cadbury/Mondelez business deliver on its core comminication and sponsorship objectives.

Shane Guest
Senior Brand Manager / Mondelez International

I have worked with Ballywire on a number of occasions to create bespoke branded video content to use online to drive awareness of eircom sponsorship properties. I have been highly impressed with the standard of work produced by Ballywire; they provide a consummately professional, efficient and creative service. Implementation has always been on time and on budget, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Ballywire for projects of a similar nature.

Sponsorship Manager / Eir Group

Three process section

We have a three step process that we believe
is key to making great content.

  • Scoping out the vision of your video into a Ballywire Project Framework before we press record.
  • Working with really great cinematographers who are well used to working around tight broadcast tv deadlines.
  • And video editors who turn your vision into a video you can be proud of for sharing on your website or social media.

why ballywire section

Why Ballywire?

Unique production framework

The most important item in any Ballywire video shoot production process is the Project Framework. This is the document that’s completed way before we press record which scopes out your video shoot objectives, who needs to be interviewed and where. We also help organise the production day with a running order to fit in with your plans and per your instructions. The handy thing about a Project Framework is that you can circulate to colleagues to ensure that everyone agrees with the planned approach and sign off well before the day itself. It also avoids your colleagues coming back to you later saying ‘why didn’t you interview me’!

Experienced cinematographers

Nowadays anyone with a mobile phone can ‘shoot video’. The reason we at Ballywire use the term Cinematographer is to differentiate between the professional operators we collaborate with and the amateur videographers who like to just shoot stuff for fun or sharing with their friends. Our colleagues are professionals with broadcast tv experience and really great at ensuring lovely shots and covering off the basic essentials like good sound. These guys have their work regularly featured on TV at home and abroad and have also collaborated with major brands throughout their entire careers. Believe us – they’re good!

Broadcast journalist on site

If you’ve got a big company event coming up, we all know there are a million and one things to do. The reason we advise having a Ballywire producer on site is to ensure that we can adequately capture the video requirements on the day allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff – like ensuring you have a great event!

Experienced video editors

Depending on the video production package you sign up for, we can deliver the edit for you on the same day or according to the agreed timeline. Some people like to work in advance and release all pr materials on the same day and this process allows you to implement feedback for the video before release to maximise publicity on your important day.

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Advantages and disadvantages section

The Ballywire difference

The Pros List
  • Experienced journalists to help scope out questions for interviewees
  • Experienced videographers to ensure the event is captured in the best possible way
  • Experienced editors to ensure rapid turnaround according to your deadline
  • Track record of working with blue chip clients at home and abroad
  • Track record of Ballywire content broadcast on TV at home and abroad
  • Experience of file transfer to third parties like tv, radio and newspapers
  • Experience of syndication to online portals
  • On location editing for rapid sign off if required
  • 24/7 service

The Cons List
  • If you don’t have a journalist on site, are you cool with doing all the interviewing yourself?
  • Enlisting the help of a videographer who doesn’t have the experience to capture the footage you need can be a chastening experience.
  • If you are working with a single camera operator will they have the bandwidth to deliver the edited footage to your specification and deadline and implement feedback from colleagues?
  • Sometimes showreels may not be an entirely accurate reflection on either shooting or editing competency. How reliable is your collaborator?
  • Shooting video on your phone on a night out and shooting professional video for your boss are very different!
  • Not having someone available to distribute your video quickly may result in poor media pick up.
  • If you are working with a part time videographer they may not be able to work to your schedule.

Ballywire alternatives section

Still thinking of Ballywire alternatives?

What? Seriously? Ok we’re not bitter! Here are some questions you need to ask your service provider that might help make up your mind.Think of them as handy hints to avoid pulling your hair out!
Can you provide me with a pre production document?
This document ensures everyone, both your colleagues and the video production team are all on the same page. If you don’t get one of these an alarm bell should be going off in your head about your potential video partner!
Have you previously sent content to international broadcast media?
If yes is the answer to this question then this is definitely a tick in the box in favour of the proposed video partner. It highlights a track record of tv production and means that the footage will be of the standard you should be demanding if you are parting with hard cash!
Can you edit on the day on site?
In todays world of instant news the old expression ‘you snooze you lose’ was never more appropriate.
The news cycle moves so quickly now with Twitter and Facebook it’s critical that your video partner has the capacity and track record to deliver ASAP if not sooner! This is worth asking with a view to speeding up the production process!
Have you worked in a live environment before?
Capturing content in realtime is one of the most difficult aspects of video content production. The sound has to be spot on, the lighting has to be spot on. You only get once chance at this. If your prospective partner answers ‘no’ to this question, run a mile!

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