Ireland’s new Strategic Banking Corporation is born

Ireland’s recovery is getting back on track and now SME’s can avail of funding provided by Ireland’s new Strategic Banking Corporation.

Ballywire provided coverage of the launch event where the first phase of SBCI measures  were announced including new SME-friendly loan products available through AIB and Bank of Ireland which will act as On-Lenders of low-cost funding provided to them by the SBCI.

The Ballywire content was utilised online by the media and features on the SBCI website.

Ballywire @ The Web Summit

Sadly the Web Summit has departed Ireland for Portugal, but Ballywire provided comprehensive coverage of the exciting start up area at the RDS.


Ballywire established a digital newsroom in Dublin’s RDS providing daily news in video and profiles of goings on of the many international visitors and their take on the event.

The Ballywire content was utilised online by the event organisers and by the SME’s and startups we profiled.


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